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Obviously, we’re pretty big proponents of RV travel. It’s one of the most comfortable and convenient ways to get around.But from time to time, you may want to try out a different kind of trip altogether. It’s a great big world we live in, after all — and you can’t drive everywhere!

For example, maybe you want to visit the world famous Galapagos Islands, to explore for yourself the site where Darwin had his fateful encounters with his finches. Or maybe you want to relax in a stunning cabana in Bora Bora, all of your problems literally thousands of miles away.

But unless your RV floats, the only way to get to those beautiful, remote landscapes is by air travel — or perhaps a very long boat ride!
And even domestically, there are some places you’re just not going to fully experience unless you hike yourself out into the backcountry. Don’t get us wrong, we love RV camping… but it’s just not the same thing as setting up a tent in a totally wild area.
Best Travel Sites Around the World

With so much out there to see and do, you limit your possibilities if you devote yourself entirely to one travel style. And I don’t know about you, but here at RVshare, our raging case of wanderlust won’t allow for that possibility. We want all the adventure we can get!

So we’ve put together this list of different modes of travel, which will hopefully help you discover some new ways to get around.
Best Way to Travel

From backpacking trips to luxury cruises, here are a few of our favorite ways to travel.
OK, OK, this one’s predictable… but come on, it had to be at the top of our list.

RVing allows you all the flexibility of road tripping without the hassle of wondering where you’ll sleep each night and eat each meal. Plus, you have total control over your own itinerary.

Of course, RVing could be broken down into a ton of subcategories — camping in a 17-foot trailer is a whole different experience than driving around a 40-foot diesel pusher! But either way, we encourage you to explore all that RVing has to offer. (RVshare is a great way to do it!)

1. RVing

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